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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task:

Civil and Structural Steel Design

Project Brief:

Your company has been appointed as the Civil & Structural consultant, PE, or QP (Civil), for the development of a five-storey building shown in the Annex. The development consists of a 5-storey commercial building constructed of a steel frame. The suspended floors are precast and are supported on structural steel beams.

The four upper floors (Level 2 to 5) are designed for general office load plus an allowance for moveable partitions. The ground floor (Level 1) is used as a retail premises. The building is provided with a central core containing two lifts, a general staircase, and an access well for services to all floors. The reinforced concrete shear walls enclosing these areas provide lateral stability to the structure as a whole.

An additional fire escape staircase (not shown) will be attached to the outside of the building.

Structural Design Report:

The structural design report shall be in the format prescribed by BCA including,

Design Criteria (refer to BCA requirement)

Codes/references used

Design assumptions e.g., Braced frame, simple construction, etc.

Design parameters e.g., steel grade, imposed loads, etc.

Design of critical members (beams and columns) using Blue Book

Show that member resistance > Worst load effect, i.e., moment, shear, axial compression etc., for all the critical members.

Show that allowable deflection > max deflection due to unfactored load on critical beams.

Design of critical members & connections using Green Book

Beam-to-beam connection

Beam-to-column connection

Column base connection

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