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Aug 04, 2023

Assignment No 1
Client Scenario Your client, Mr Kenny is 76 years of age and has severe arthritis, leading to chronic pain. This causes him to have difficulties with mobility, personal hygiene, and grooming.

In your introduction outline your patient profile based on your 3 research into arthritis relative to Mr. Kenny’s needs. Body 12 How would you care for Mr. Kenny applying a holistic approach? Outline how you would enhance Mr. Kenny’s dignity, privacy, and 3 independence Referencing/Bibliography 2 Word count: 800 Marks 20 Awarded OFFICE USE ONLY: Internal Verifiers Initials
Assignment No 2
Introduction Define your patient profile based on your research into Stroke relative to Ms. Cannon’s needs.


In your preparation of your older client for physiotherapy classes in the dayroom.

  • Discuss how you would ensure her personal safety (safety & health) and a high standard of hygiene (infection prevention and control
  • Make specific reference to how you would ensure her dignity and independence during transfer to physiotherapy classes which are in another part of the care setting
    Conclusion Outline how you would document and how you would report this care to the relevant healthcare professional in a confidential manner.

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