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Oct 27, 2021

Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice

Medical treatment stabilized

Mr. Lawsons condition. He had a pulmonary embolus, but he is now on anticoagulants, medications that will reduce likelihood of more clot formation. Knowing tha

Mr. Lawson is on anticoagulants and has had recent surgery and the processes of normal wound healing (,

Tonya believes that the patient is at risk for bleeding from his surgical wound.

She acts by increasing assessments of the wound and teaching Mr. Lawson how to avoid placing stress on the wound

1.Describe the critical thinking skill that Tonya is demonstrating.After Tonya assesses the wound, she enters a note in the medical record. She describes the appearance of the incision in detail,reports on the length of the incision, and notes that one suture is loose but there is no drainage.

2.Identify the three intellectual standards that Tonya uses in making a note in the record.

3.Mr. Lawson complains of more discomfort after lying on his right side for 30 minutes. Tonya asks him to describe the pain; it is focused more on his right shoulder and ribs. Tonya sees that the drainage tubing exiting the surgical wound is caught underneath the patient. She moves it, questions the patient further to find out that he has a history of arthritis in the shoulder, and then repositions and aligns him. This is an example of which critical thinking competencies?

Nursing Assessment
Tonya is planning to return to Mr. Lawsons room and spend more time discussing his concerns about going home and what to expect. She knows that Mrs. Lawson usually comes to visit around 11AM, just before lunchtime. Tonya believes that Mrs. Lawson will be an important source of support in providing Mr. Lawsons ongoing home care. The surgeon has ordered directions for wound care and standard activity restrictions.

1.Tonya goes to Mr. Lawsons room and asks the patient,What concerns do you and your wife have about cleaning the wound? Which type of assessment question is this and why has Tonya asked it

2.Tonya and Mr. Lawson have the following interaction:
Tonya: Mr. Lawson, What do you understand about the reason for the activity restrictions your doctor ordered?
Mr. Lawson: I think it will prevent me from not hurting myself.Tonya: Uh huh??go on
Mr. Lawson: I think the doctor said I could pull my stitches.
Tonyas phrase uh huh?go on is an example of which interviewing technique? Explain why it is useful.


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