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Apr 05, 2023

Assessment brief CMI501 The Principles Of Management And Leadership Organizational Context has been designed to enable learners to evidence their ability to understand the impact of an organisations structure and governance on management and leadership. Learners will evidence how
theoretical models, management and leadership approaches and styles can be applied in work settings. They will review the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective in the role and propose how a culture of mutual trust, respect and support can be developed in teams.

Assessment Task for CMI501 The Principles Of Management And Leadership Organizational Context

1 Write a report entitled:The principles of management and leadership within an organisational context

Learning outcomes covered by assessment method

LO1 Understand factors which impact on an organisation’s internal environment

1.1 Examine the impact of legal status on the governance of an

1.2 Analyse the purpose of an organisation’s mission and vision statements

1.3 Examine the impact of organisational structures on management roles

1.4 Discuss the impact of organisational values and ethics on management decision making

LO2 Understand the application of management and leadership theories

2.1 Evaluate the relationship between management and leadership

2.2 Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on individuals and teams

2.3 Discuss the influence of culture and values on management and leadership styles

2.4 Examine how management and leadership styles are adapted in different situations

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