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1.Learning Outcomes
This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes from the module syllabus:
 Critically evaluate methods and techniques used for cyber crime.
 Investigate, summarise and review emerging technologies and their use in cyber crime.
 Discuss cyber crime topics and implications from a multidisciplinary/multi-viewpoint
CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay-Central Lancashire University UK.

2.Assignment Description

Anonymous technologies, the same way as other technologies, can be used for legitimate and illegitimate purposes. This assignment comprises two parts.You may choose to investigate one specific class of anonymous technology (e.g., anonymous web browsing, anonymous P2P communication, anonymous emailing service, anonymous content distribution), one specific technique (e.g., onion routing, proxy server, mix network, remailer), or one specific application (e.g., Tor, I2P, Freenet, Mixmaster, Osiris Serveless Portal System).

The essay should contain a maximum of 1600 words – excluded the list of references, and should:
(i) Summarise, in no more than 150 words how the chosen class, technique, or application works. Use references to provide deeper explanations and definitions.
(ii) Discuss how the chosen class, technique, or application has been used by Internet users for legitimate purposes.
(iii) Discuss how the chosen class, technique, or application has been used by cyber criminals (illegitimate purposes).
(iv) Discuss and critically evaluate which measures can be adopted against the chosen anonymous technology used by cyber criminals.
(v) Critically evaluate and discuss the literature, rather than simply regurgitating what you have read.You have to interpret, reflect and be critical about what you read and about the sources you actually use.
(vi) Contrast and compare the legitimate and illegitimate viewpoints (usages) of the chosen anonymous technology.
(vii) Use in-text citations where neccessary, which should be in Harvard style 1

There is no template to follow for the essay; it is up to you to make it look neat, logically structured and coherent. Also, remember that the language used should be specific, precise, objective, direct, and simple. You should not use colloquial language, should use your own words, and you are advised to use short sentences, appropriate for technical writing.

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