COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis.

For the purpose of this assignment, you are assumed to be one of the software consultants appointed to shoulder the system analysis responsibilities in, Global Business Systems in the project outlined in the case study. You will plan and manage the project as well as investigate and document its system requirements.

Case Study: “Brisbane Multi-Faith Temple” (BMT) is a charitable organisation run by a group of volunteers and thechairman of the organisation is Sam Sharma. Sam along with other volunteers started the first temple at Mount Cotton. The multi faith temple gained huge popularity in a short period of time and due to its increased patronage the organisation decided to open additional temples in Rocklea, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. When the initial temple was opened at Mount Cotton, it had two priests, 1 admin staff and one cleaner and a small army of volunteers.

However due to opening additional sites in quick session, the number of staff increased exponentially. The organisation now employs 15 priests, 20 admin staff, 5 cleaners, 1 handyman and an accountant. The organisation also appointed a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and a public officer.

Current Manual Process – Donations & Food Supplies Patrons go online to the website and look up bank details of the multi faith temple. They then go and make a payment via bank transfer to the temple trust account. Some patrons decide to go to a branch and deposit money directly into the account.

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