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Jun 21, 2024

Task 3

In this task you will write the algorithm, code and test the working of the method ‘summary Statistics’. You will need to use the sample data and the additional five orders entered in task 2 including the price for each bouquet ordered to complete task 3.

  1. Provide a flowchart and pseudo-code for when option 2 is selected. The algorithm should display the statistics as in table 2.
    a) Explain how you have validated user input (choice selection) and checked for any possible logical errors, while justifying the data types you have used.
    b) Flowchart and pseudocode should use standard conventions and format such as indentations, capitalisation, descriptive names for variables/methods, keywords, operators etc.
  2. Write a Java method ‘summaryStatistics’ based on the algorithm with comments to illustrate the program flow.
    a) The method should employ only fixed arrays where necessary – dynamic arrays (i.e. ArrayList, vector, HashMap, etc.) are not to be used.
  3. Test your program by embedding the complete Java code for the ‘summaryStatistics’ method in the program written in task 1 and printing the statistics (include the sample data shown in table 1 and the 5 additional bouquet orders) as shown in table 2
  4. Provide screenshots for outputs of the Java method.
  5. Provide the Java code for this task in the Appendix as text for verification. At this stage the program should include the code for the menu display and the completed methods ‘orderDetailsAndPriceCalculation’ and ‘summaryStatistics’
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