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May 17, 2023
  1. As a rising Communications Consultant, you are often invited to speak to entrepreneurs and managers on the importance of effective organizational communication. Your most recent invitation is from a local business council, where you are to deliver a 15-minute presentation on ‘Novel Ways to Communicate with Diverse Employees”. Your audience will be predominantly CEOs and Human Resource professionals from multinational organizations, who have an immense responsibility of managing large pools of employees.

    Begin your presentation by presenting an overview of organizational communication. Demonstrate a deeper understanding of this practice and theories. How has it evolved over the years? Proceed to share an example or two of organizations that have successfully leveraged good communication practices to fortify employee relations.

    The highlight of your presentation shall be three (3) innovative and viable communication ideas to build trust and inculcate a healthy work culture among employees. This is the much-awaited part of your presentation, so be sure your content packs a punch!

    Given that this is a virtual presentation, you are to use a video conference application such as ZOOM, which allows users to share screens and record the entire presentation. In order to ace this assignment, you will need to develop an impeccable deck, script your presentation well and deliver it with top-notch public speaking skills.

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