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May 01, 2023



This research aims to develop a strategic communication plan to respond to the community following a high-profile

Discussion: Outline Of The Approach Adopted For Situational Analysis 

The different research approaches that I would be using for interpreting situational analysis of Greensboro are-

Rationale For The Strategic Communication Plan

The objectives of the plan are necessary to direct the communication plan to achieve the set goals and fulfil the purpose of the initiative (1). Following the strategies that I have set for the communication plan, the communication between the community and police must be conducted face-to-face through a constructive community dialogue (2). Direct communication can be considered to be accurate in conveying set messages and ideas without a hassle. Selecting a civil spokesperson from an organisation other than the police force is essential for maintaining a calm composure while delivering the justification behind the event (2). Public holidays are the most suitable timing for hosting an event for addressing public emotions. In the present time, the targeted audience should be the local community of Greensboro and the media channels to transform the negative emotions of the people towards a positive outlook for the people to understand the motive of the police in using force in any event.


From the above analysis, it can be concluded that a strategic framework of a communication plan determines the accomplishment that the local police department of Greensboro want to achieve through implementation of significant tools and tactics.

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