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Nov 06, 2021
  • Type your one-paragraph introduction here, and remove the instructions (one paragraph). The introduction should be interesting and capture the readers attention. Provide a brief introduction to your paper. Briefly introduce the setting assigned. Discuss the purpose of your paper. The purpose statement of the paper should be related to describing the community health setting and the roles of the nurse in that setting. Remove the highlighted directions.

    See the APA file in Course Resources for additional writing resources such as the APA Annotated Paper and the Chamberlain Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers.

    Community Setting

    Describe the community setting in two to three paragraphs. Describe the population served in this setting. Discuss three health services provided by nurses in this setting. Use your textbook or another outside scholarly source to support your information. Cite your source and include a complete reference on the reference page.

    Health Promotion Nursing Intervention

    Discuss the role of the community health nurse in health promotion in this setting (two to three paragraphs). Identify and describe one nursing intervention focused on health promotion that a nurse could implement in this setting. Support this health promotion intervention with at least one peer-reviewed journal article and cite your source (Author[s], year) in the body of your paper. Include the full APA reference for the article(s) in the reference page. Describe whom the nurse could collaborate with in order to implement this intervention.

    Professional Nursing Organization

    Describe a professional organization for this setting (two paragraphs). Search the text, your article, or the Internet for one professional organization that supports nurses in this setting. Provide a detailed description of this organization in your own words. If you cant find an organization specific to this group, search the American Nurses Association website for information on this setting. Cite the organization in the body of the text with (Organization Name, year), and include a complete reference on the reference page. Describe one professional issue that this organization is addressing related to this setting.


    End with a summary and conclusion (one paragraph). In one well-developed paragraph, summarize important points from the body of your paper including the setting you identified, the nurses roles in that setting, and the intervention you discussed. End with a concluding statement.

    No matter how much space remains on the page, the references always start on a separate page (insert a page break after the conclusion so that the references will start on a new page).


    Type your references in alphabetical order here using the hanging indents set up here. Include all references cited in your paper. This must include one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article that was discussed above. Also reference the professional organization you discussed (a URL link is not sufficient) and the text if you discussed it above. See your APA Manual and the resources in your APA folder in Course Resources for reference formatting

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