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May 03, 2023


Over the last three decades, much of the data for various cognitive models has come from individuals suffering from different types of cognitive impairment. These studies have allowed for the development of many theories of ‘normal’ cognitive function For example, studies of patients with prosopagnosia have informed the development of the Bruce and Young model of face recognition (see Young, 1998,


For this report, choose one cognitive impairment and discuss specific ways the selected impairment impacts memory and cognition.

Instructions: Below are the steps you will need to take in order to create your research paper.

Choose a specific cognitive impairment and identify the ‘normal’ cognitive process underlying the impairment.
Choose at least five (5) peer-reviewed resources to support your research.
Construct your paper:
Describe in detail the specific cognitive impairment you have researched.
Explain the underlying ‘normal’ cognitive process. Compare and contrast studies of cognitively ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ individuals in this domain.
Discuss any relevant limitations in the research.
Conclude your paper.
6-8 pages or about 1,600 words, in length – the page requirement excludes the title page and reference page(s)
Typed in 12pt font
Double-spaced with one-inch margins
Fully formatted and referenced using APA 7 format for student papers.
A paper in APA format will have these main sections:
Title page
Body – with properly formatted citations
Reference page

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