Compare and contrast the two military conflicts to analyse how are they different and how are they similar. T

Take Home Midterm Respond to one of the following essay questions in approximately 1000 words. Your essay should contain an introduction with thesis statement, argumentative body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You should also cite, using Chicago Style footnotes, lecture materials, course readings, and textbook readings as evidence for your arguments. Select evidence to support your argument in answer to the essay question that you choose, therefore you will not likely be referencing all course material. A bibliography is not required. Please include page numbers and a title page with your name, the date submitted, course number, and title. Formatting information: Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced To cite lecture material in a footnote it would look like this: 1. Erin Spinney, “Title of Lecture,” University of New Brunswick, Date. This midterm covers content up to Monday February 14, 2022, and our lecture on Cultural Change and the Great Depression.

Essay Questions:

1. How has governance changed in Europe between the French Revolution and the aftermath of the First World War? Topics to consider could include the role of monarchies, the creation of republics, the revolutions of 1848, the expansion of the franchise, and the new political ideologies of the nineteenth century.

2. How did the industrial revolution and new technologies change European society and European empires? Possible avenues of analysis include new working processes, class structures, technological advances, faster and improved communication, changes in military technology, and resource extraction.

3. The course content has been bookended by two military conflicts the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and the First World War. Compare and contrast the two military conflicts to analyse how are they different and how are they similar.

Topics of analysis may include understandings of the balance of power in Europe, alliance structures, total war, mobilization, and discussion of new technologies, strategies, and tactics. Make sure to connect these differences and similarities to wider European society at the time of the conflicts.

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