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Jun 09, 2023

Student Learning Objective (SLO): The student will demonstrate abilities to recognize, respect, and value differing opinions and experiences of others in order to interact collaboratively and include diverse perspectives when synthesizing information and discussing research.
Project Objective: To sharpen skills in the core competencies of reading, comprehension, research, collecting data, and communicating findings. To analyze information and make logical decisions using critical thinking skills, while evaluating, analyzing and applyingknowledge to a global setting from a cultural context.
Grading: This is a department-wide requirement for all PSY 150 students. Two grades are earned and are weighted differently (see syllabus and rubric); 1.) Research 2.) Collaboration
Project Instructions: For this project students will need to conduct scholarly research on the topic defined below. Students will create a PowerPoint Presentation and then present their project in assigned groups during peer review/discussion. The instructor will assign the groups.
Step 1: Review Your Research Topic
Research Project Topics:
1. Conduct research on a stigmatized group in the United States: Select only one group base on (race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.). Compare and contrast your selected minority group with the majority group in the U.S. As a minority group; how does society (as a whole) influence their livelihood? What role do stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination play in this group/culture? Compared to the majority group, how are these groups/cultures similar and how are they different? From a social psychology perspective, what impact has the majority had on the minority group/culture? Are relations improving between these groups? According to research, what can society do to improve relations?
NOTE: If you have an idea for a group but are unsure if it will work, please email me first. The group you select will need to fit within the existing framework (see section on “Required Slides” below). If you can answer the provided questions for each slide then you are good to go.
Step 2: Select your Psychological Approach
Review Chapter 1 of your textbook; select which of the 7 contemporary approaches to Psychology you will be using to conduct your research.
Points to consider when collecting data
This project is about analyzing two diverse groups/cultures and society’s influence on individuals. Below are some suggested points to alsoresearch in understanding these two groups/cultures.
1. Understand the meanings of Social Psychology and Social Influence
2. Understand the main concern of your subject matter from a social psychology perspective.
3. Understand each group/culture; their behaviors, values, and diverse thinking.
4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each group/culture.
5. Understand how the subject matter affects individuals within each society from both perspectives?
Step 3: Synthesize Your Project
Project Formatting:
The project has specific and detailed requirements, they are listed below:
• PowerPoint Presentation consisting of a minimum of 18 slides.
• Minimum of 5 scholarly sources are required. You may use your textbook as one source. Sources must have a date of 2010 or newer (no n.d. for in-text citations). Sources found using Summon Search on the JCC Library website are considered scholarly.
Link to the Writing Center at UNC-CH
Link to JCC Library Guide for Citation
• Microsoft PowerPoint can only be used.
• Pictures: Pictures need to be incorporated throughout (on every slide)and need to add value. The pictures chosen should teach and add to the content.
• Content must be in your own words (include APA citations).
• Organization: Organize facts and information with bullets, numbering, and/or subheadings.
• APA citing and referencing are required. In-text citations go after each fact/concept used. References go on the reference slide only;this is the last slide of the presentation.
• Narration of slides is not required but is allowed.
Required Slides:
a. Introduction Slide (title of project, name, class): (1 slide)
b. Objectives being covered (what we will learn): (1 slide)
c. Which of the 7 psychological approaches are you using to conduct your research? Why? (1slide)
d. Using the next 10+ slides, review your Research Project Topicquestions (above) and educate your peers on your academic findings. Remember: this is from your chosen approach to psychology.
e. Define social psychology. (1 slide)
f. How is social psychology related to your subject matter for each group/culture? (1 slide)
g. According to research; how can relations improve? (1-2 slides)
h. Conclusion (your opinion based on your research): (1-2 slides)
i. Reference slide (formatted to APA): (1-2 slides)



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