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Nov 15, 2023


Please share your impressions about the session 3 lecture and this week MMWR Thursday brief,

1. Compare eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

2. List the beneficial aspects of microbes. What is the goal of the public health microbiologist when it comes to microbes?

3. Explain what is meant by obligate intracellular parasite and explain how that relates to viral replication.

4. Compare bacteria and viruses.

5. The expression D = nV/R expresses host-­parasite relationships. Elaborate on this; identify each term (D, n, V, and R) in the equation. give an example in real life of what each term could represent.

6. Distinguish between vertical and horizontal gene transfer and discuss the importance of genetic diversity within species.

7. List the cycle of microbial disease and discuss a preventative measure in each phase to try to break the cycle.

8. Explain how Darwin`s concept of "survival of the fittest" relates to antibiotic resistance.

9. List three modern challenges in public health microbiology and potential ways to mitigate them.

Immunizations and Immunity

1. Why must individuals be inoculated against influenza every year?

2. How would you develop an immune globulin for passive protection of someone exposed to rabies?

3. What are the impediments to creating a vaccine for the common cold?

4. How are the Sabin and Salk polio vaccines different? Why does the U.S.-recommended immunization schedule no longer include the Sabin vaccine?

5. Develop a timeline showing changes in the U.S. immunization schedule over the last 30 years.

6. How does the U.S. immunization schedule differ from the schedules of other developed nations?

7. Despite evidence that immunizations are a cost-effective means of preventing specific infectious diseases, many people do not receive the recommended immunizations. Discuss possible reasons for the resistance to vaccination. Suggest means for overcoming these obstacles and for increasing the percentage of the immunized population.

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