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Mar 15, 2023

Compare the accounts of enlightenment in Plato`s "Allegory of the...


Compare the accounts of enlightenment in Plato`s "Allegory of the Cave" and Dave Eggers` short story "After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I drowned." In the allegory, Plato seems to describe enlightenment as transcendence (leaving the cave and attaining a higher level of knowledge), and while something similar happens at the end of Eggers` story (Steven dies and transcends to an afterlife and a higher level of knowledge or awareness), Steven seems a little underwhelmed by it all, no longer running and even saying he misses his old life. Does Eggers offer a different account of enlightenment through Steven`s experiences of racing and "floating" over the drainpipe? Is this and Steven`s underwhelmed experience of the afterlife a critique of Plato`s version of enlightenment? Why or why not?

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