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May 25, 2023
  • For Assignment 1, address the
    topic directly throughout your essay with ONE clear focus rather than compiling various less directly related
    examples and multiple similarities or differences:
    1. Close reading essay (see description below): Compare the connection between wealth and crime in Obsidian
    (by Thomas King) and When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole (2020). What
    do King and Cole support or critique about the impact or role of wealth in relation to crime in a broader
    sense or murder more specifically? How
    so or why is this shown? Your examination should compare similar
    things and contexts. Aim to be specific in identifying ONE main difference or
    important overlap; avoid including several similarities and/or differences as
    this will likely result in a descriptive hamburger essay without a clear focus.
    This means focusing on what exactly in these novels helps the criminals plan
    and execute their crimes and/or how the detectives are able to uncover this
    and/or bring the culprits to justice, whether in full or part or not
    A close
    reading essay in which you focus in detail on a specific aspect
    of course texts.
    1. This kind of essay will include a lot of quotations and analysis of
    the course texts.
    2. We practice this in the close reading posts and the modules also include
    3. You can check the Useful Links section for additional resources on close
    4. No additional research should
    be included with this essay option (the focus is just on the course texts).
    Note that English papers generally:  include a thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph that
    takes a position and explains “so what?” or how this is shown and why
    it matters (a thesis should be debatable rather than a statement of fact or
    observation and it should have one focus rather than list three things)
     include developed body paragraphs that
    directly support the thesis (a good length is half to no more than a full
    double-spaced page with a standard 12-point font)
     include transitions between paragraphs to connect
    sub-arguments (but no subheadings in such short papers since these will
    generally fragment your writing)
     end with a conclusion in which you explain how well you supported your thesis (there’s no need to repeat content but you should tie everything
     use MLA formatting correctly with in-text citations that
    match the first thing listed in the Works Cited page citations

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