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Apr 25, 2023

Task 1

a. Complete the Time Management Questionnaire and attach a copy.
b. Critically reflect on your score and your time management effectiveness.

Task 2

Use the ‘five steps for controlling your time over one working week. Evaluate how each of these steps improved your time management.

Task 3

Delegate two tasks to a direct report or colleague – using the TRUSTME delegation method.

Task 4

For the role of a Childcare Assistant devise the following:

a. Job Description.

b. Person Specification.

Task 5

Create (and attach) an original Induction Programme for a new employee in your childcare setting.

Task 6

Using the Induction Programme. that you created for Task 5. carry out a real, or mock, induction with a colleague in your childcare setting. Complete a review of this activity outlining:
a. How well it went.
b. How effective the Induction Programme was and areas that could be improved.
c. Comment on your performance in delivering the induction and describe any areas you feel could be developed.

Task 7

a. Describe how the staff is motivated in your organization
b. Suggest and outline changes you would make to improve staff motivation.

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