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May 18, 2023
      • Bradley is attending a 4D3N (4 days and 3 nights) conference in Kuching. He has already paid RM350 for the conference fee. His airfare costs RM210 and his transportation RM34. He is staying in a hotel that costs RM69.95 per night and he has budgeted RM50 for his meals each day. His company has provided him with a subsidy of RM500 for this trip. Help calculate Bradley’s travel budget to show the total budget and the amount Bradley needs to personally cover.
      • Jamie is planning to replace the flooring in her house. She plans to install laminate wood flooring for most of her house, and porcelain tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms. She has measured the lengths and widths of the different rooms and gotten the quoted price of the flooring for the respective rooms. Help Jamie to calculate the floor areas of her rooms and determine the budget she will need to prepare:

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