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Jun 06, 2023
write a 1,100-word concert report on a recorded live concert available online. The music genre(s) in the concert should derive from rock. For example, almost all pop music today derives from rock, as well as any of the genres studied in this course, including those in the textbook and Brackett reader.


By now you have selected the concert you will watch and write a report on.

***Please use MLA, APA, or Chicago style for citations. You must have proper citations, which include in-line citations (like the discussion write-ups), and a bibliography or works cited page.***

**Every fact must be referenced in the report using in-line citation (or footnote if you’re using Chicago style), and the citation must match the bibliography/works cited page. Review the sample papers: 20190822MLASamplePaper.pdf APA 7 – Professional Sample Paper – 2020.pdf

Make sure that the bibliography/works cited page is in alphabetical order, uses hanging indent (or reverse indent), and does not repeat the same author. Review the sample works cited page in MLA or APA.

The report will include:

250 words on the venue. Include details of the space where the concert took place, including the city and country. You will need to research.

500 words on the performers/band. Provide a biography of the performers by describing their education, style, and output. Research and cite your sources!

500-word analysis of two songs (250 words each). State the song title, then describe the song’s instrumentation, tempo, meter, style, timbre, lyrics, the stage presentation of the performers, and the audience’s responses.

Rubric (100 points total)

Comprehensiveness. 50 points for including all components of the report.

Accuracy. 20 points for accurate information. (Your citations will determine the accuracy of information.)

Analysis. 20 points for accurate analysis of songs.

Style and grammar. 10 points for accurate spelling, use of grammar, and accurate citations.

The report is due Thursday. Please upload a doc or pdf document. Your work will be Unichecked for plagiarism immediately.

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