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Jun 02, 2023
You will conduct a deep investigation (self-selected) into ONE (1) of the Five Components of Reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics/Alphabetic Principle, Vocabulary, Fluency, OR Comprehension) to apply your learning from this course to your current position.
There is a detailed rubric for this assignment. Please use it to guide your work, and to self-assess your submission.
This assignment uses TurnItIn to check for AI design and plagiarism. The similarity report must be 10% or below. You do NOT need to create a TurnItIn account for this assignment. When you submit your work, TurnItIn automatically scans your paper.
There are several components to this assignment:
Examination of Research: You will find, read, and analyze THREE (3) RESEARCH articles on your selected component. The articles you select MUST be RESEARCH articles (i.e. an article on a study conducted; methods and findings sections). The articles need to be uploaded as a PDF to this assignment tab (NO LINKS OR OTHER FILE TYPES). You may NOT use articles assigned as part of the required materials for this course as part of the three research articles for this assignment (i.e., Shanahan, 2005).
Annotated Bibliographies: You will write annotated bibliographies for EACH research article. Please see the following website for more information about writing an appropriate annotated bibliography: Purdue Online Writing Lab
Additional Annotated Bibliography examples/sources:
New Learning: You will submit a synthesis of what you learned about your selected reading component. Answer (at minimum) in the New Learning Summary: Why is the component critical to literacy development? What happens if students struggle with the component? What research-based, effective instructional strategies should be used to teach the component? You can use information learned from the articles you analyzed, or from assigned class readings (i.e. Shanahan article, NPR report). This section of your paper should be between 2-3 pages in length.
Application: You will describe how you intend to adjust your instruction on your selected reading component in the future. Describe how you previously taught this component (if applicable) and what you will do differently after this deep investigation. This section of your paper should be between 2-3 pages in length.
In most cases, you will NOT need to create a separate References page for this assignment. A reference for your three research articles is included as part of the annotated bibliography for each article (see examples). If you cite a source that is NOT one of your three research articles for this assignment OR an assigned reading/text for this course (i.e. Shanahan), then you DO need to include a Reference page that includes any source that is outside of these parameters. For example, if you cite a webpage that was not included as part of the assigned course readings for this course, then you need to include that webpage on a separate Reference page that is properly formatted in APA 7.
You need to include citations within your essay for any article/author that you quote or paraphrase (use APA 7 format). For example, in your New Learning section, if you paraphrase a section/idea from the Shanahan article, you should include the citation (Shanahan, 2005).
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