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Jun 08, 2023
This 4-5 page paper will be about your views on space, place, and our built environment as it relates to crime, our notions of crime, and our system of criminal justice. You should write this paper within the context of a student who has taken a class on criminal justice and the urban environment, and has read articles and reviewed materials that looks at the role all of the above have on our lives. You will also use the secondary data, to give some context on what you are writing. So you will need to conduct research – researching crime, health, and other community data – to discuss the information you are discussing.
Please do not limit your paper to simply responding to my prompts. You are expected to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking, as well as be able to incorporate the information reviewed during the session and taken a neighborhood tour as a way to see firsthand some of the perspectives discussed.
Please be sure to use APA writing guidelines
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