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Jun 27, 2023

Consider the seminal theorists that you have encountered in your educational psychology on-demand sessions and webinars, within the Irish context, and critically evaluate how these theories will impact your classroom teaching. You may focus on one theory in particular or draw on two theories for comparative purposes. In planning your assignment, it may be helpful to reflect on the following questions:

  • Why do we study the psychology of education?
  • What role will it play in my future practice as a primary school teacher?
  • How does it influence classroom management, methodological approaches, and curriculum?
  • Which theorists most align with my identity as a primary school teacher?In writing the assignment:
  • Be critical and analytical in your approach, support your work with reference to relevant theorists and literature.
  • Justify the statements you make; this can be facilitated through careful and considered critique of your own arguments.
  • Provide the reader with insight into how you reached your conclusions, through a logical, coherent and cohesive approach to the assignment
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