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May 30, 2023
Review The Joint Commission (TJC) National Patient Safety Goal #3 concerning medications via the link. Safety practices concerning medication assessment are provided in the document. Read the continuation of data on Millie Larsen, our unfolding case study patient below. After this, consider the discussion question posted and respond to the discussion. Your discussion postings will be graded according to the AD Nursing Discussion Question Rubric form. Your initial post is due Thursday, and response posts are due by Sunday, end of week. See here.


Module 5 Continuation for Millie Larsen (Medication Reconciliation)
The nurse has obtained Millie’s lab work, which included a blood glucose of 350 mg/dL as part of a comprehensive metabolic profile. Millie has a history of diabetes mellitus type 1. She had been prescribed insulin for treatment of this as part of her medication regimen at home; however, because she had not been eating well or taking in oral liquids, her blood sugar remained below 100 mg/dL. Due to Millie’s illness, she had also forgotten to communicate her complete medication information to the admitting nurse and did not have a written list of current medications to give when she was admitted. Her insulin treatment had not been picked up by the nurse as part of her home medications and therefore was not a part of her treatment regimen for this hospital admission. There was no order to monitor Millie’s blood sugar. Her blood glucose is now out of range and could cause her to have a hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic episode. This will also mean that it will take her a longer time to recover from her illness and increase her length of stay in the hospital.
Initial Post
The 2023 National Patient Safety Goals (Simplified version)Links to an external site. says the following: Record and pass along correct information about a patient’s medicines. Find out what medicines the patient is taking. Compare those medicines to new medicines given to the patient. Make sure the patient knows which medicines to take when they are at home. Tell the patient it is important to bring their up-to-date list of medicines every time they visit a doctor.
· Considering the 2023 National Patient Safety Goals, identify the nursing interventions that should have been implemented to ensure Millie received her needed medications and prevented the clinical complications? Identify and describe the interventions for Millie’s case.


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