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May 30, 2023

Explore The Joint Commission (TJC) National Patient Safety Goal #3 regarding medications through the provided link, which outlines safety practices for medication assessment. Next, delve into the continuation of data on Millie Larsen, our unfolding case study patient. Following this, contemplate the discussion question presented and contribute to the discussion forum. Your discussion contributions will be assessed based on the AD Nursing Discussion Question Rubric. Initial posts are due by Thursday, with response posts expected by Sunday at the end of the week.

Module 5 Continuation for Millie Larsen (Medication Reconciliation): Upon obtaining Millie’s lab work, it was revealed that her blood glucose level was 350 mg/dL, as part of a comprehensive metabolic profile. Millie, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1, had been prescribed insulin for home treatment. However, due to poor intake of food and oral liquids, her blood sugar remained below 100 mg/dL. Unfortunately, Millie failed to communicate her complete medication history to the admitting nurse and lacked a written list of current medications upon admission. Consequently, her insulin treatment was overlooked, leading to uncontrolled blood glucose levels during her hospital stay, potentially resulting in hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic episodes. Such complications could prolong her recovery period and increase her hospitalization duration.

Initial Post: Considering the 2023 National Patient Safety Goals, identify the nursing interventions that should have been implemented to ensure Millie received her needed medications and prevented the clinical complications. Describe these interventions tailored to Millie`s case, considering her specific circumstances.

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