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May 23, 2023
  • Identify a media article that addresses some aspect of the Constitution that you believe has been used to protect a person’s freedom or an instance where someone’s rights were violated. The article can come from the newspaper, a news magazine, television news, or an internet news reporting agency. Make sure to document the title, date, and source of the article. It is important to recognize and cite the source so that anyone interested may access the article for themselves to gain an independent perspective on it. Provide a brief rendition of the facts. This does not mean every single aspect, but rather those facts essential to tell the story. This can be done in a single paragraph. Point out the theme or main point the article is trying to make. Explain whether you think the reporter/writer is biased in his or her perception of the matter. Provide critical analysis of the event from your personal perspective based on the facts and logic. The point of this exercise is to identify constitutional issues, apply concepts learned in class, recognize bias, and critically analyze what is being published as news by the media.


    Yuzu: Constitutional Law for a Changing America


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