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May 26, 2023

Our contract law system is often criticized for being hindered by the doctrine of consideration, deemed unnecessary by many scholars. This sentiment was echoed by Lord Goff in White v Jones (1995). Louis, having recently lost his wife, finds himself in a situation where his niece, Beatrice, offers to move in and care for him. However, her husband, Charles, expresses concerns about their ability to afford a house in the rising property market if they do so. Louis reassures them that by paying the mortgage installments, they will eventually own the house upon his passing. Based on this assurance, Beatrice and Charles move in. Beatrice takes it upon herself to redecorate the living room, incurring a cost of £3,000. Pleased with her work, Louis promises to compensate her. He also approaches James, to whom Charles owes £4,000, and offers him £2,000 to waive the debt, which James accepts. Additionally, Louis hires Charles, a builder, to construct a garden wall for £5,000. However, Charles later requests an extra £1,000 due to the cost of special bricks, which Louis agrees to pay. Concerned about his financial well-being, Louis seeks advice from his financial advisor, Pedro, who warns him of Beatrice and Charles`s possible exploitation. Shocked, Louis asks them to leave and refuses to give them any money. Meanwhile, James demands the remaining £2,000 from Charles.

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