contrast essay comparing Long term care nursing v. Home health care

contrast essay comparing Long term care nursing v. Home health care1) Open the outline you submitted last week. Revise it, if needed, using your instructor′s feedback as a guide. Save the changes and, if you′re able, print it out. It′s always best to work from a printed copy. (2) Then, create a new MS Word document named E1_YourLastName_YourFirstName. Set up the formatting to match APA standards. (USLO 5.1) To create your essay, take each point in your outline and turn it into one or two complete sentences. Remember to take any feedback provided by your instructor for your outline assignment and apply it to your essay draft. Your essay should at least 1000 words long (and should not exceed 1200 words).

It should follow all conventions of grammar, style, structure, and organization discussed in this course. Remember, too, how this paper should be structured. You should have an introductory paragraph that introduces the reader to the topic and ends with a thesis statement (if you need to, review the Creating an Effective Introductory Paragraph (Links to an external site.) in your e-text).

Then, your essay should have several body paragraphs, each making one point the directly relates to the thesis statement. Finally, wrap up your paper with a concluding paragraph (if you need to, review Creating an Effective Conclusion for a Multi-Paragraph Essay (Links to an external site.) in your e-text). In the attached file you can see the outline and Thesis statement that must be included in the essay. You may text me if and when you any questions or need any more info.

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