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May 20, 2024

Assignment Task


Malka Horowitz is a 58-year-old Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem. She is widowed and has one child, Ariel Horowitz, a 34-year-old Australian citizen living in Australia with her husband and two children for the last six years.

Ariel visits your office for a consultation. She explains that her mother lives alone in an apartment, having spent her adult life managing the household and caring for Ariel while her husband worked as a CEO. Malka inherited 360,000 Israeli Shekel (AU$150,000) and her apartment after her husband`s death in late 2022. She is not old enough for a pension and cannot find employment to supplement her savings.

Currently, Malka is in Australia visiting Ariel and her family. Ariel was initially skeptical when helping Malka apply for a subclass 600 (tourist stream) visa but was thrilled when it was granted. Ariel covered Malka’s flight and expenses in Australia to give her the opportunity to see her grandchildren.

Malka enjoys being in Australia, helping around the house, and caring for the children while Ariel and her husband Philip work. Ariel earns $95,000 in her administration job at Prince Charles Hospital, and Philip earns $100,000 annually as a specialist nurse.

Ariel now seeks advice on visa options for Malka to obtain permanent residence, as Malka wants to sell her apartment and move to Australia permanently. You have checked her visa grant letter and noted that there is no condition 8503 on her current visa. The visa expires on 16/08/2024.


Prepare an internal memorandum of your research, outlining the requirements for Malka to be granted a Contributory Parent Migrant (Class CA) subclass 143 visa.

Include information about:

  1. The relevant eligibility criteria.
  2. Your assessment of whether a successful outcome is likely.
  3. Any further specific information needed to ensure thorough and complete advice.
  4. The visa application charge as the only validity requirement discussed, given its importance to the family.
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