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Mar 30, 2023

Module Code :- CP 70046 E
Module Title :- Employability Skills And Employment
Weighting :– 100% module
Assessment Type :- Reflective Report Assignment
This assignment has several tasks. Each task has its own criteria and marks.The learning outcomes of the module are assessed by a successful completion of all the tasks. Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Extensions will be for 10 days or less. Documentary evidence will be required. Extensions must be agreed before the deadline.
CP 70046 E Employability Skills And Employment Assignment – West London University UK.

Module aims :-
1.To raise awareness of the nature of the contemporary employment environment
2.To provide a structured framework to consider the challenges of gaining employment and developing occupational and professional skills
3.To identify and develop key assets for employability and how to manage them
4.To develop key transferable competences
5.To prepare to enter and engage with the employment market and to exploit personal assets and employability

Learning outcomes :
1.To be able to present and market themselves to potential employers in a manner commensurate with the level of study and the industry they aspire to enter as professionals
2.Develop skills to critically reflect upon the progress on the courses, to determine further development.
3.Develop skill is personal presentation which outlines their potential for professional employment.

Task details :- Assignment Instructions:
Please respond to the issue raised in each grid. Enter your response in the grid box.

For each item:
1.Reflection on theme, purpose and application to study
2.Evaluation of engagement with theme in context of course and module experience so far
3.Reflection on adequacy of your own knowledge, skills and technique
4.Steps you will consider to develop your proficiency and experience

This is an exercise in ‘personal reflection’ rather than a competitive assignment, and it is not a module evaluation exercise. Thinking purposefully about what you have done and then expressing your thoughts
in both a practical and critical way will help you to establish your level of achievement and give you a benchmark from which to develop, build and improve.

The module tutor will offer some commentary on your progress as a master’s student and professionally. Although the module does not carry credit the experience of doing the reflection and the insight it provides should be seen as a positive and worthwhile outcome.

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