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May 01, 2023



The University of West London is planning to introduce a new booking system for their student canteen to address issues and restrictions to ensure services in student canteen is consistent with the Post COVID situation. The requirement of the university is to have a system that is accessible to any student through a mobile app to be made available for Android and Apple iOS.

The Application Needs To Have Following Features:

  • Facility to order and pay for the food within the application itself
  • Daily offers to attract students should be accessible via this app.
  • Allowing students to set time to collect their food at their convenience and providing reminder to students accordingly within the application itself
  • Allowing employees of student canteen to update daily menu easily through this application

The project, along with adhering to these requirements as discussed needs to follow timeline and budget constraints.


The University of West London wants to change its existing system of serving students in canteen and wants to implement more innovative and automated approach for managing food orders. The idea is to have an automated system that will help in reducing student gathering and long que for ordering and taking food items as this may lead to chances of student being affected by coronavirus. Therefore, the requirement of the university is to have an efficient and automated system to ensure student safety and improve overall efficiency of student canteen services.


  • To automate canteen services
  • To support online food ordering
  • To provide customized food delivery service along with alert for collecting food to avoid long que
  • To support marketing by showing promotional offers to students
  • To allow canteen staff to update food menu automatically
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