Create a crime scene scenario.

PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING! Based off the information im providing to you. Create a crime scene scenario. YOU ARE NOT TO GIVE OFF WHO THE KILLER IS. THE KILLER IS CHRIS.
*The title will be “The Deadly Neighbor”*
USE THE SAME STORYLINE I HAVE BELOW, You can add more details to the story if needed. BE CREATIVE AND SUSPENSEFUL.
REMEMBER: someone else will try to fighre out this crime scene.

This is what took place: Two neighbors, Chris and Jordan had gotten into an altercation a week before the crime due to Chris accusing Jordan of stealing an item of his.

-The day of the crime, Chris sporadically walked to Jordan’s home with a knife to retrieve the item he thought was in Jordan’s possession.

-A fight broke out between the two which escalated quickly and resulted in Chris stabbing Jordan, where Jordan succumbed to the injuries.

-Chris flees the scene and returns to a shed in his backyard to try to wash himself up to free himself of any accusation.

-When Jordan was discovered, Chris failed to retrieve his blood-soiled boots and bloody, torn shirt from outside of his shed before authorities arrived.

-Leaving the found evidence to appoint to Chris’s discovery and arrest.

On the back porch of the home, there is a small fragment of a t-shirt on the porch, opening the backdoor, a smeared bloody handprint is found just above the doorknob along with a bloody handprint on the inner doorknob.

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