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May 08, 2023
  1. Create a Help Sheet With Screen Captures = Great Customer Service= Being Part of a Great Team!Congratulations! You work as a customer service assistant for Apps company.You have been asked to create “Help Sheets” for customers who need how to use an App. You can choose any office related App or program.This means it would be one that helps people be productive in the workplace, not a game or “for fun” App or program.In Microsoft Word or Google Docs, create a one-to-three page sheet on how to use the App that you choose.You must have at least three screenshots along with accompanying text that explains how to use the App or one of the Apps features.(We are not making a manual, just a short help sheet)Links to assist you:“How to Take a Screen Capture and Paste it Into Word,”YouTube, at How to take a screen capture and paste it into wordLinks to an external site.OR“How to Snip” Links to an external site.You can also search “screen capture” on a mac or smart phone: Google or Youtube search for instructionsUSING THE ASSIGNMENT LINK – UPLOAD YOUR COMPLETED FILE or link to Google Doc.Here is an ExampleLinks to an external site. (would be even better by using the pen or highlighting tool in SNIP)Screen shots – 15 points (use pen or screen shots when helpful)Explanatory text that tell the user what to do (use simple language) 15 points


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