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Jun 07, 2023
I would like to create a non profit naloxone mailing program in Nevada.
“If you are a person who uses drugs or someone who is in the community with people who use drugs and cannot access naloxone any other way, we are designed to support you.”
Now that you have a clear understanding of your chosen social problem, you must develop a concept for and propose a nonprofit organization that will implement an innovative solution as a response to that social problem. Your proposal should be no more than three (3) pages (page count does not include the title page, references, nor appendices). Please present the nonprofit concept in a “practice ready” format that uses creative formatting for this assignment. Think of font, color, line spacings, graphics, and etc. that will help the readers better understand your concept. At a minimum, include the following points in your proposal:
Introduction and Statement of the social problem (no longer than ½ page)
Summarize the situational analysis in a clear and concise statement that is supported by evidence (data).
Briefly acknowledge the context of the social problem (Hint: The context statement is a good transition statement because it typically sets you up to say, “The timing of this new innovation is critical because…”)
Nonprofit organization concept: Proposal of the innovative solution (at least 1 ½ pages)
Summary of existing strategies/interventions that address the social problem.
Description of your proposed nonprofit organization and the innovative solution that the organization will implement. Be as descriptive as possible.
Name of the organization (and the intervention, if appropriate)
Mission statement
Three SMART goals for the organization
Needs of this population with regard to the aim of your nonprofit organization. Review Netting, O’Connor, & Fauri (2008). Chapters 6: Program Planning in Diverse Environments and consider what cultural aspects you need to ponder on program planning for the non-profit concept. Consider the example on pages 250–251 of your e-textbook (Course Reserves) and discuss cultural and linguistic needs for your nonprofit.
Description of intervention (program, policy, practice, campaign, and so on)
Summary of what the organization will do
Summary of the impact (contrast the scope of the impact with the scope of the problem)
Justification for decision to implement or build on an existing intervention versus to create a new intervention
Statement of why this proposed concept is “innovative”
SWOT analysis of the proposed concept (no longer than ½ page)
Briefly summarize the SWOT analysis in the paper.
Include the SWOT table (graphical depiction in 4 boxes) as an Appendix. Refer to page 4 in Rutgers University, SWOT Analysis (PDF)
Conclusion (no longer than ½ page)
Summarize the social problem and your response to it.
Remind your reader of the opportunity to address the problem now.
Make the case that there is an ethical responsibility to address the social problem and that your proposed concept provides the response necessary to do so.
Appendix (SWOT Analysis Table) (you may find this appendix resource Links to an external site. helpful)
Assignment Requirements
Your paper should be no more than three pages (page count does not include title page, references, nor appendices).
Use creative formatting for the main text.
Use current APA formatting only for in-text citations and a references page.
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