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May 12, 2023
One of the key messages to be delivered in training and awareness programs is the importance of incident reporting. Educating users to recognize and report suspicious behavior is a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders. The organization you work for has classified the following events as high priority, requiring immediate reporting:


Customer data at risk of exposure or compromise
Unauthorized use of a system for any purpose
DoS attack
Unauthorized downloads of software, music, or videos
Missing equipment
Suspicious person in the facility

You have been tasked with training all users to recognize these types of incidents.

Write a brief explanation of why each of the listed events is considered high priority. Include at least one example per event. (300 words)

Create a presentation that can be used to train employees to recognize these incidents and how to report them. Cover one event per slide (Intro slide/6 events one per slide/Summary slide – 8 slides min)

Create a 10-question quiz that tests their post-presentation knowledge with a grading key and explanations of why the answer is correct. (300 words)

Word document with item 1
PowerPoint file (intro/content (6 events one per slide)/summary) min 8 slides in pptx format
Word document 2 pages (one-page 10 question quiz, one-page grading key with why answers are correct)

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