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May 30, 2023

Objective: Develop a comprehensive process enhancement strategy. Design and implement a process improvement plan aimed at optimizing patient experiences within a hospital environment.

Select one of the following scenarios for improvement:

  • Enhancing the follow-up medication protocol post-hospital discharge.
  • Optimizing the intake process for the children’s clinic.
  • Streamlining care coordination for patients managed by four or more healthcare providers. Utilize a structured table format, similar to the provided model, to outline the current and future states of the chosen process. Refer to the Gap Analysis Definition and Figure 6.5 in your textbook for assistance.

Composition: Craft a well-structured, two- to three-page paper following APA Style guidelines, complete with a cover sheet and reference list. Attach the completed table alongside your written analysis. Commence with an introductory overview of the improvement initiative and conclude with a reflective summary evaluating the proposed plan`s effectiveness.

Substantiate your arguments with evidence from at least two scholarly sources, including relevant textbook materials.

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