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Jun 07, 2023
Email Assignment: Dress Code
Imagine that you are an owner of or supervisor at a growing company. The company has recently
hired many new employees. Previously, the dress code was not a problem, but now some
employees are becoming too casual.
Your task is to create an email that will outline the new dress code policy for the whole company
effective at the beginning of next month. You can adjust the dress policy to your potential career
field, but remember to be specific and consider all genders and positions. You also want to
explain why dress code is important.
**The entire email must be in your own words. Do not use wording you find online or in your
own company’s regulations. If you plagiarize, you will not pass the assignment.**
Your email should achieve the following:
• Help employees understand the purpose of the dress code
• Encourage employees to follow the new dress code
• Ensure that employees understand the new regulations
• Inform employees what will happen if they fail to follow the regulations
• Inform employees where to direct any questions.
Give your document the same fields as you would see in an email (To, Cc, Subject). Use the
template in the email folder. When the template opens in Word, you will need to click on Enable
Editing before you can type your message.
• Use the correct business language, format, and grammar.
• Include all appropriate elements. Review the assignment rubric to ensure you haven’t
missed anything.
• Put your message in three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.
• Submit your email to the Email Assignment Dropbox in Blackboard.
• Submit by the due date posted on Course Schedule.
Things to remember:
 Did you spell the email address correctly?
 Did you include an appropriate subject line?
 Did you use a bullet list or smaller paragraphs?
 Did you provide a call to action and effective date?
 Did you include a signature line with your title, company name, telephone number and
mailing address or company email address?
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