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Oct 30, 2023


You are asked to create a program that will be used to create quizzes and test users based on these quizzes.

A. Prompt a secret word and proceed if it matches a secret code.

B. Your program should have two modules: quiz creation mode and test mode. User will be prompted in the beginning to choose from these two modes. For example:

"Welcome to the quiz master: enter 1 if you want to manage questions, 2 if you want to take a quiz, 3 if you want to exit"

If wrong number/option entered show the message and ask again.

C. If user chose to enter quiz creation module

1. Application then asks user 1) to add new question, 2) to delete existing question, 3) to list all available questions 4) to go to the main module selection menu.

We do not need to have edit capability, this can be done by deleting and adding it back.

2. If user wants to add a new question.

a. Prompt the following information

i. Question Code.

ii. Question text.

iii. Number of possible answers

o Loop as many times as there should be answers and prompt to enter answer text

iv. Correct answer


c. Once a new question entered show the "manage questions" menu

3. If user wants to delete a question, prompt the user to enter Question Code.

a. Show the message that question is deleted

4. If user wants to list all questions then

a. Show the message "Printing questions"
b. show "manage questions" menu

D. If user choses to enter quiz taking module

1. Prompt to enter test taker information

a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Number of questions

2. Show message "Starting quiz"

3. Show main menu

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