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May 23, 2023
  • Assume the role as an early childhood special education teacher needing to collect data to create social-emotional/behavioral goals for pre-kindergarten students. You need to select two from the following:
    Clinical Interview
    Structured Interview
    Naturalistic observation
    Structured observation
    Physiological measures
    State why you chose your two selected research methodologies and answer the following: What benefits and limitations does each method provide to support your project of creating student goals? Will the chosen research methodologies provide more accurate and relevant data? Which option will ultimately best support student learning objectives and why? Support your position with at least one scholarly source. Finally, comment and share your perspective on your peer’s posts, and be prepared to defend your position in your replies. In your two replies to classmates, add a newly researched reference link/source to both of your classmate’s posts that support your position, and that provides supportive content to your discussion.

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