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Dec 29, 2021

Understanding the impact that different environments can have on communication is important for supporting effective relationships in your workplace. In order to begin understanding these barriers, it might be worth reviewing some of what youve covered during previous qualifications so far. Understanding how your environment impacts speech comprehension is important when trying to resolve issues with harmony among coworkers or clients because it allows people in various fields who may never have met before entering into meaningful discussion about subject matter that they would not normally talk about elsewhere.

Physical (Noise, Light, Space, Furniture, Comfort, Color)

The physical environment can have a huge impact on how effective communication is. Its important to make sure that were comfortable and not distracted so our voice will come across as clear to the other person, which in turn promotes better results for both parties involved

To ensure that each person is able to hear one another accurately and not distracted, its important for external noise like roadworks outside the meeting room or traffic in close proximity can be reduced. Closing windows help keep things quieter so there isnt too much interference with what you are trying to say during your conversation.

In addition to noise, it is important to check on the lighting of a room too because if its too dark people will have trouble seeing each other properly and vice versa with bright lights shining in their eyes. If the light isnt ideal then you might want to consider using blinds as a way to cut the light and make the space more comfortable. If its too bright then use lamps or desk lights for better vision.

With respect to the furniture in a room, you might want to think about moving things around if theres something blocking someones line of sight making them feel uncomfortable during the meeting (i.e. a large desk in the middle of the room). Or if theres not enough space you might find that people are too close to one another which could potentially make them feel nervous or closed in. Let them leave an elbows length between each other so they can be relaxed and still engage in conversation without feeling threatened by someone else who is too close to them.

When dealing with color, its important to consider how certain colors like bright red might make people feel when they enter the room. Red is known for making people feel angry or uneasy, so if you are trying to promote harmony in a meeting try using more calming tones like blue which is said to create feelings of serenity and calmness, or green which is said to create feelings of peace and balance.

So now you should have a better understanding of the physical environment and how it affects communication. This is important to consider when planning for effective communication in your workplace because it allows you to potentially identify barriers that are preventing helpful dialogue from taking place.

Staff Attitudes And Stigma

The way we communicate with others has a big impact on the promotion of effective communication. By taking into account what other people are feeling and why their perspective can become clearer to us through empathy and understanding. People want comfort when they feel threatened in order for them to thrive; this means that if you dont take care not judge those around you  especially if there is tension between any two parties- then resentment may ensue which will only serve as an obstacle towards progress! Its important therefore considering both physical needs like food or water but also emotional ones such as safety from harm (eights) by looking at Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs And Golman Emotional Intelligence model before trying to communicate with others.

The attitude and beliefs of staff members can also impact communication in the workplace. If there is negative energy towards something like mental health among co-workers, it can prevent these conversations from starting for fear of judgment or other consequences which makes it harder to get things done. Its important then that if you are leading these types of initiatives that you build up a culture where people feel like they can be open about their own experiences. If people feel like they are in a safe environment where theyre able to talk about things, then the more likely it is that they will reach out and ask for help when they need it.

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