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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Scenario
    You are working for Great Events Ltd, a company specialising in events of all kinds, from the smallest event such as organising a meeting to mega event such as participating in the organisation of the Olympic Games.
    You are one of the most successful and enthusiastic event managers of the company. Although your company can (and has) run any type of event, your team specialise in the tourism and hospitality sector.
    Your manager has asked you to participate in an exhibition connecting suppliers and clients.

    Task 1 of 2 - Information brochure
    Your first task is to create an information brochure for Great Events Ltd, your brochure should be divided in 3 sections:
    • Cover page with contact details
    • Section 1: This section should include a broad classification of event (from small to mega events) as well as examples for each category. This section must provide details regarding the characteristic of each kind of events.
    • Section 2: This section should include examples of venues suitable for running the events. You should also promote the benefits of hosting events.
    Section 3: This section should provide details about what the MINCE (Meetings, Incentives, Networking, Corporate hospitality and Exhibitions) sector is, how it developed and what each element is

    Task 2 of 2 - Sales pitch rehearsal
    Before sending to the exhibition, and since you are to meet with potential clients, your manager (your lecturer will play the role of your manager) wants to hear your sales pitch. You will need to convince your clients that the positive impacts of events outweigh the negative impacts.
    Your pitch should
    1. Start by explaining the relationship between tourism, hospitality and events
    2. Provide an example of event in a tourism destination.
    3. Explain the positive and negative impacts that the event has had on the destination
    4. Suggest ways to increase the positive impacts
    5. Suggest ways to decrease the negative impacts


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