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Jun 07, 2023

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A doctor of nursing practice (DNP) is instrumental in improving healthcare outcomes, through innovations that can improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. The DNP education provides skills that will provide quality improvement and leadership skills, the skills help organizations address healthcare needs (Hammersla et al., 2021). Essential II, competencies would have provided the DNP, with the skill to align themselves with the organization’s goals and use their knowledge to provide care that is cost-effective (American Association of College Nursing, 2018).
A revision of the AACN Essential; Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education, of 2006, was revised to equip DNPs with the knowledge and expertise to meet healthcare demands for leaders with quality improvement experiences, to transform organizations. The updated AACN 2021 revision established an entry and advanced level competency for DNP programs. The goal was to prepare DNPs for the current workforce and elevate the strengths of the DNP. After reviewing the Essentials from 2006, in comparison, the Essentials from 2006 lacked the education needed to meet the health care demands of today. The 2021 version included new essentials, domains, and concepts to meet today’s healthcare needs (Gray et al., 2023).
The care of patients has been shifting to home-based care. With the shift to home-based care, agencies must ensure that there are no gaps in care. The goal of home health is to improve care and care outcomes, introduce evidence-based practice and reduce overall costs (Beckman et al., 2020). As a nurse manager in home health and pursuing a DNP degree, I am in a great positioned to impact changes that will reduce overall costs and help the organization by creating systemic changes that reduce costs. To be effective in the role of a DNP, leading quality improvement initiatives, and securing patient safety, while facilitating organizational goals.
As a DNP, using the skills gained from the DNP program I will be able to implement strategies to reduce unplanned readmission in the oncology population to decrease costs. The readmission rates for the oncology patients at my organization are higher, compared to other diagnoses. The palliative care population in my organization experiences high emergency utilization for symptom management. Creating clinical pathways through interdisciplinary workgroups can reduce oncology readmission can reduce costs, and improve clinical practice and patient outcomes and satisfaction. (Alfonso et al., 2022).
In conclusion, the education and skill sets acquired through the DNP program will be helpful in influencing cost-effective changes in an organization to meet its goals. Leading quality initiatives that would transform care, improve outcomes and patient safety can help re-design the culture of the organization, The ACCN, revision of the core competency for the DNP programs, help to advance the knowledge and expertise of the DNP, to meet the needs of healthcare systems of today. Home-based care is evolving and the DNP in home care can create quality initiatives to meet the organizational needs and needs of patients to reduce healthcare reduce costs.

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