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The immigrant group include the persons who had migrated from their origin country to settle down in another country permanently. The immigrant group of South Asians had treated as aliens in Britain from the era of 90s and turned into a violence showed in 2001 northern Riots. The migrant group who were engaged in the riots include the South Asian group of youngsters including most of the Pakistanis. The riots began from Oldham in late May, extended to the Burnley and Bradford. From 26-29 May, the riots including 500 people in it, injured two police officers and three common people, extended to Burnley including 400 people in which 83 police officers and 28 common people got injured from 24-26 June. The riot became worst some weeks later in Bradford that injured the 326 police officers and 14 members of common public(Bagguley & Hussain, 2019).  According to the 2001 Census, 4.9% people in Burnley, 6.3% people in Oldham and 14.5% people in Bradford reported about their ethnic origin. 50% of the South Asian population were appointed as blue-collar workers and only few were employed as white-collar workers in these three towns. The British South Asian groups has always been treated as non-resident and faced discriminations(Bagguley & Hussain, 2019).

The police and media reported the racist actions conducted by the South Asian people and underreport the racist activities done against them. The support for the white people against the South Asian British encouraged the South Asian youngsters to take the drastic step of riots. This report shall analyse these discriminatory factors towards the immigrants and shall also discuss the role of police, politician and media to encourage the riots.

The report shall reflect the relevance of crime, and disorder towards these riots and the actions taken in the form of policies that has taken for community cohesion and community safety. The report replicate the evidences of community activism and the favourable actions taken to ensure the community safety.

Relevance Of Crime, Disorder And Social Control In 2001, Northern Riots

The media and police plays an important part to encourage the British South Asians to take a violent action to protect their Ethical Community Rights. The police and media are the sectors who seems to be responsible towards every citizen living in a country. The biased nature of police and media could lead the hatred in the minority community. That is what happened in the 2001 Northern Riot. The police released a racist action report against the British South Asians regarding the areas where the white people had no authority to go. Before the riots took place, the political bodies and media built an image of South Asian men as “the Asian gang” and during 90s, the Muslims had seen as the most problematic group of Britain. The police reported the over 60% of racial incidents were held by the South Asian gangs.(Alexander, 2004).As per (Fuchs, 2012), the role of media to represent the Muslims and South Asian men as problematic factor urge the fire of Northern Riots of 2001.

The main factor to urge these riots were the BNP/National Front rally. The National Front had marched on the streets of Branford and chanting the racial abuse against white people. The police acted liberal with the National front members and applied to ban the march. The South Asian people now loses trust on the persons who should execute the law in the city, like police, media, and politicians(Bagguley & Hussain, 2019).

The win of the BNP in elections also encourage the party to rule against the Muslims and in the march they had carried the slogan of “Islam out of the Britain”. The disorder of police results into the anger of the South Asian especially of the Muslims.

Social Control Perspective In The Riot

The social control is an important factor to raise crime in the state. The social control perspective refers the social factors that affect the person to choose the violent way to achieve their goals. The social control theory states that the social environment that made a person aggressive(Costello & Laub, 2020). In the Northern riots held in 2001, reflects that the society in which the British South Asians were living was not too supportive for them. The racist abuse they were facing and living the parallel life results into the aggression and take the face of riot. The Muslim community had targeted by the media, police and politicians and the society see them as problematic groups. The media, police and ruling political party leads to the aggressive behaviour of the South Asian migrant groups.

The social control perspective includes the disorder of the police and ruling party in the state who could balance the situation. However, they did not took any actions that were essentially needed to stop the provoking activities in the town and ignored the consequences of National Front march and lead to a criminal activity as 2001, Northern Riot. The media represents the South Asian Group as ‘The Asian gangs’ and referred them as problematic group. The riots help in 2001 were the responsive actions by the Bangladeshis and the Pakistani group who faced the social allegations without doing any crime(, 2009).

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