Critically Analyse A Communication System Functionality Or Protocol And Present: Advanced Network Theory Research Paper, NUI, Ireland

Learning Outcomes:

Critically analyse a communication system functionality or protocol and present conclusion.

Please note marks will be allocated for different aspects of your report. Please make sure to include an abstract, a summary and references. The absence of such sections will lead to allocating zero points for that section. The report must include but not be limited to the following aspects of the topic you choose:

  1. Abstract of the report outlining what the report is about and the motivation for the study.
  2. Introduction. Describing the topic area and its relevance to networks and communications
  3. Detailed discussion of the area of relevance in the topic.
  4. Use of examples, cases, drawings and/or diagrams where and when relevant to help clarify ideas.
  5. Conclusion or summary of the report
  6. References to sources of materials must be clearly indicated i.e. papers, books, and technical reports. journals and Internet websites. At least five references are required
  7. Lecturers’ evaluation based on clarity and substance.

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