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May 22, 2023
The Capstone Project is a 4-part project that will require students to critically analyze and research an event that has been covered extensively in the media. The project will consist of an introduction, a case study, a final paper, and a video. The Capstone Project assignment contributes to (a) the writing assignments for Gordon Rule, and (b) assessment of the University Core Curriculum outcomes of critical thinking, content knowledge, and written/oral communication skills.
To begin this assignment, students will pick a current event within the last year. The event should have been covered in the media extensively, from a local, national, and global standpoint. Then the event must align with one of the four issues that are covered in your textbook.
These four issues are:
Ownership of Mass Media Businesses
Media Violence
Write an 800-word essay in APA Style that identifies the key ideas of the event:
How did the media shape the event/story?
How did others react to the way it was portrayed in the media?
Did others create movements based on the way the media portrayed the event?
Did people react differently in other parts of the world?
How was the event shaped by various information systems?
DO NOT include the questions within your essay and make sure you’re not summarizing the event. The essay should provide examples, sources, and facts to back up your claims. This project is going to require you to be resourceful. You will need to do research outside of your textbook. You will be required to use sources that are reputable and factual. Wikipedia and tabloids are not a good source to use.
Directions for Capstone Project Part 1: Introduction:
Word count for the body of the essay: 800. Going under or over the word count will be counted against your overall grade for the assignment.
Times New Roman 12pt. font double-spaced.
Must be written in third person. DO NOT include yourself or your name in the essay.
Needs to be in APA style: A cover page, running header, citations within the body of the essay, and a reference page at the end.
Submit it as a Word document ONLY.
Paragraphs should have proper punctuation, grammar, and structure. Practice the proper writing skills you learned in ENC 1101 & ENC 1102.
You will need to do substantial research to support your claims before you start writing.
View rubric to meet the expectations of the assignment.
Similarity index within TurnItIn should be 25% or lower. Higher similarity indexes will receive an automatic zero.
Assignments that register with an AI (artificial intelligence) index at 25% or higher may be subjected to having their assignment submitted to Student Affairs for review, which could result in an automatic zero.
Please watch the video that explains what a critical analysis is:

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