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Jun 06, 2023
  • Throughout this course, you have been working with a hypothetical project for the Lucky Me Animal Rescue’s annual adoption event. You have focused on the specific phases, tasks, and processes of project management.
    In this unit, we have reinforced that ethical standards and professional conduct are critical throughout each step of the project.
    For this assignment, you will write a reflection paper in which you will address the prompts below.
    Explain in your own words how and why ethical standards and professional conduct must permeate all areas of project management.
    Critically analyze why the success of a project ultimately depends on the ethics and conduct of the project manager.
    Use specific examples from the rescue’s project to illustrate your rationale.
    Recommend at least two resources and/or professional development opportunities that you can use in the future to grow in the area of ethics and professional conduct.
    Demonstrate your synthesis of course concepts as you analyze the role of ethics and standards throughout a project.
    Your reflection paper must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title page. External sources and APA formatting are not required for this reflection paper.
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