Critically assess theory from the area of innovation management towards application in the workplace;

Assessment – Innovation Portfolio

Learning Outcome 1: Critically assess theory from the area of innovation management towards application in the workplace;
Learning Outcome 2: Analyse contexts and processes of innovation management and determine critical elements impacting an organisation;
Learning Outcome 3: Propose and justify the application of approaches for managing innovation within organisations to bring about performance improvement.

Assessment Task
You are an innovation consultant tasked by a decision-maker (owner/ managing director) of a small to medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) to develop an innovation for them to implement. You are to produce an ‘Innovation Portfolio’ consisting of 4,000 words, produced in a professional format suitable for your audience; please include the following sections:

(150 words (approximate)) i. Executive Summary. Indicating to the decision-maker everything they need to know about the portfolio succinctly. The Executive Summary should be written as a final task of the portfolio.

(800 Words) 1.Innovation Theory. Define the characteristics of innovation and critically assess theory from the area of innovation management. This section should include a critical analysis of Tidd & Bessant’s (2020) Innovation Process Modelor an alternative innovation model. It may also be beneficial to cover incorporating teamwork, project planning, and the influence of the market onan innovation process.

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