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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task:

CS69202 - Join Operator with Primitive Operations

Implementing the above 6 functionalities entails assuming that the generic comparison operators (==, !=, <, <=, >, >=) have been overloaded for each Attr object. While the given prototypes are non-member functions, it`s necessary to implement the functionalities and member functions, where appropriate. Additionally, common Attribute types such as integerAttribute, floatAttribute, stringAttribute, etc., should be implemented with appropriate operator overloading.

Furthermore, the natural join operator needs to be implemented using the primitive operations previously developed:

Relation * naturaljoin(Relation * R1, Relation * R2, list joinattr)

The list of names in joinattr should correspond to attribute names in both R1 and R2, serving as the join attributes. Refer to the provided excerpt for hints on how to implement this.

Additionally, provide a simple console-based user interface offering the following functionalities using the developed "library":

  1. Create a new empty table: Allow the user to interactively enter the schema.
  2. Delete an existing table along with all its data.
  3. Add a record to a table.
  4. Print a table in an appropriate format.
  5. Create a table from existing tables using the developed functionalities.
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