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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : CS814 AI For Autonomous Systems
Aim of the assignment
To provide deeper understanding of Classical AI Planning.
Learning outcomes :
Program in PDDL, with the goal being to implement key AI algorithms and build classical AI Planning system; Define and understand the problem of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to autonomous systems.
Team : Group selection from coursework 2 will be used in this coursework.

Submission :
You will be allowed to submit one file only in .doc or .docx extension. The document should contain three different parts:
1.The first part is the PDDL code of the domain file.

2.The second part is the PDDL code of the problem file.

3.The third part is the plan that you have received from the planner.

The file should be submitted using My Place; no submission will be accepted in any different way. Any extension should be requested in advance of the submission deadline, with a valid reason. Assessments submitted after the deadline without an approved extension will receive a mark of zero.

Task: create a planning model for the basic logistics task in which the hero (the robot) should save the cookies from the cookie monster.

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