CS957 Defining a research problem based on reading relevant literature.

Computer and Information Sciences Assessment

Learning outcome 1: Defining a research problem based on reading relevant literature.

Learning outcome 2: Identifying and defining research questions which address the research problem.

Learning outcome 3: Setting objectives and defining deliverables which address the research questions, and producing a project plan.

Learning outcome 3: Selecting appropriate research method(s) for undertaking the research.


You are required to prepare a structured proposal for a three-month research topic. The research topic may be based on the research interests indicated in the topics list on MyPlace CS958, or on a personal interest related to content of your program.

Your proposal should introduce the research problem based on a review of a minimum of fifteen relevant and authoritative published references to provide the background research context. It should specify the research questions that will be explored, and the associated research objectives and deliverables.

The proposal should also identify the research method(s) that you think could be used, together with an explanation of why you think they are appropriate, supported by a minimum of three relevant references from the research methods literature.
Finally, the proposal should include a high-level plan (key stages and milestones) and an indicative schedule for the research.

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