CSA742 : Cell Culture

Questions :

1. Briefly state the purpose of the experiment 2. Describe the importance of appropriate pipetting and dilution techniques. Please support your description with at least one suitable. 3. Discuss at least four common mistakes that can occur while aspirating as well as dispensing liquid using micropipettes. 4. Discuss the most appropriate way of aspirating 500 µl of drug solution from an eppendorf tube containing 1000 µl of drug solution. Also, outline the most appropriate way of preparing a 1000 µl of solution (in an empty eppendorf tube) containing 500 µl of aspirated drug and 500 µl of water. Also mention, why do you think that your discussed way is the most appropriate way? 5. Describe the working principles of UV spectrophotometer and outline at least three pharmaceutical applications of it. 6. Describe the importance of a calibration curve. 7. Outline the methodology you used: a) to prepare caffeine sample using provided stock solution, b) to measure the spectrophoto meter UV absorbance of your sample and c) to calculate the concentration of your sample.

Question 2 :

  1. Discuss how cell culture can help to understand drug-induced adverse effects observed in a patient.
  2. How can cellular toxicity be monitored in vitro. Use at least 5 different and independent parameters (do not list assays!) that could help you to get a detailed understanding of the type of toxicity that is present.
  3. Discuss the suitability of the WST-1 assay to determine cellular toxicity and list advantages and disadvantages. Also discuss potential artefacts that could affect the results obtained from this assay.
  4. Discuss the suitability to measure cellular ATP content to determine cellular toxicity and list requirements, advantages and disadvantages. Also discuss potential artefacts that could affect the results obtained from this assay.

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