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Oct 23, 2023


1. Locate and read the document, How Should Christian Social Workers Assess Policies and Proposals?

2. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompts:

- Pick a current policy issues of your choosing currently being debated in your community or nationally (Gun control, immigration, abortion, etc.). Identify the issue and briefly describe a proposed policy response to the issue you chose (banning certain guns, limiting or abolishing abortion, opening border to more immigration, cutting taxes for business, etc.). You do not have to agree with the policy response you are describing.

- Using the document, How Should Christian Social Workers Assess Policies and Proposals, found in the course tools folder, provide an assessment of the policy proposal above by responding to 3 of the questions listed as "a-i" under step 4 in the document. Be detailed enough in your answers to the questions to clearly show your analysis of the rationale and assumptions of the policy proposal.

- Summarize your thoughts and reflections after using these questions to finish a brief analysis. What insights did you gain? What did you learn about yourself or areas of critical thinking you should consider in assessing policy and proposals?

- Finally, share your thoughts on Christian social workers being representatives of God`s will? What does this mean for you and how might it affect your work?

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